About Chainformation

Chainformation help equip your franchise network with timely, relevant and critical know-how..

Chainformation is a Scandinavian market leading developer of Franchise management -and communication systems and a selected partner for several chains and multi-branch concepts. For more than ten years we have helped our customers to supply their work force with relevant and critical daily information.

Our methods and solutions are specially developed for franchisors and other multi-branched businesses. We are specialists, and it is our combined experience and focus on Operational performance and Franchisíng togehther with solid technological skills that makes us your best Partner.

We are specialists in what we do.

Our product, (Chainformation Concept Manager, CCM™), is a cloud based communication platform that will synchronize and streamline all internal communication and information between management, employees and stores/outlets. CCM outperforms traditional intranets and other CRM/web portals through branch specific functionality and adaptability.

We offer specialized professional services like concept documentation with proven and successful methods to effectively identify, structure and describe all know how, routines and policies within a clients business concept. This is a modern and very focused method to document the Handbook and the outcome gives every employee access to role-based know-how with a clearly job related focus.     We also offer a wide varity of services for system integration, customer development projects, training programs etc.


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