Equipping your franchise for growth with franchise software

3 methodsThe global franchise industry, including retail, is growing significantly faster than the general economy. If your franchise is growing, it means that new problems must be tackled:

  • How do you keep recipes intact for 2, 50 or 300 locations?
  • How do you expand abroad without losing brand control?
  • How do you inform staff about important news and upates?

This is where the franchise intranet comes into play. The secret? Fuel it with a powerful franchise software. Connecting your chain and its staff into one collaborative platform, this is how you can truly overcome your growing pains and become a powerful franchise

Here’s our promise: CCM will simplify daily operations for any multi-unit business. On the surface, your stores get an Intranet on steroids. Under the surface, your business gets a one-stop system that delivers know-how, enables dialogue and speed of communication between your head office and all stores, outlets and locations – Customized to your exact specifications and ready out of the box!

What it doesRight now, we’re offering a simple trial with a money back guarantee. If you are struggling with compliance in your franchise, what have you got to lose? Try CCM today!

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