Better Operations Manuals with WorkMap – Now part of our offering!

Today we announced WorkMap for improved franchise compliance and operations manuals.  This is something I am really excited about and you will be hearing much more about over the coming months!

With our WorkMap methodology, we build operations manuals that are easier to read and follow.

With our WorkMap methodology, we build operations manuals that are easier to read and follow.

We’ve been developing the WorkMap methodology over ten years, building on our experience with companies such as O’Learys, Wayne’s Coffee and IKEA. You can read more in our press release.

Based on the franchise intranet, the outcome is an operations manual that really helps our clients become better, more efficient and streamlined.

Here are three major reasons why WorkMap might just be the best thing to happen to the operations manual:

  • By using WorkMap, Chainformation is able to document work streams in a way that allows the reduction of written content by up to 45%.
  • By using WorkMap, ICEBAR by ICEHOTEL were able to reduce the administrative work by almost 80%, while providing a much better user experience in real time.
  • Running from a standard browser, a franchise intranet and Workmap process can be deployed in as little as 4 weeks.

Unlike printed operations manuals and PDFs, WorkMap manuals are role based. Rather than wading through hundreds of pages, users will find what they are looking for in less time.

We just issued a case study on WorkMap and how it can help our clients. I strongly encourage you to check out this PDF and ask us more about it. I will write more about WorkMap in upcoming posts!

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