Take control of your franchise today!

A franchise intranet that delivers consistency and efficiency is key.

A franchise intranet enables more successful franchise businesses. A single entry point for communication, training and operations management. It is paramount for franchisors to successfully manage their franchise business. Franchisees will benefit from having a one-stop-shop for information and operational functionality, while you, as the franchisor, get critical visibility into the health of your business.

CCM is a franchise intranet solution specifically for multi-unit franchises — empowering franchisors and franchisees to run their businesses.

With our solution you, as the franchisor, can provide franchisees with the necessary tools to:

  • Run day-to-day operations for managing quotes, jobs and invoices;
  • Provide Online Operations Manuals
  • Increase learning through training and support materials;
  • Collaborate seamlessly with other franchisees for best practices and guidance.

CCM also allows you, as the franchisor, to manage and track everything that’s going on with your franchisees. That means you’ll have constant, real-time visibility into the health of your overall franchise operation. You provide a streamlined, consistent franchise software solution, and benefit by being able to see more and do more with your franchisees than ever before!

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