Is SharePoint Enough To Run My Franchise Intranet?

What you need is a high powered Intranet fuelled by a franchise software based in the cloud.


Growth comes with greater need for communication. How do you deliver your know-how?

I recently visited a franchise customer in Norway who is expanding aggressively, opening new locations.

With new outlets and additional staff, the pressure to deliver the correct know-how directly to the store is greater than ever.

This Norwegian client wanted to move quickly and had evaluated several options before moving to a franchise software in the cloud.

At a first glance, it could appear tempting to put all your franchise manuals and documents in a simple Microsoft SharePoint site. In essence that provides your stores with a library of folders from which files can be accessed.

To make the most out of SharePoint, however, will require significant customization to make it run efficiently, and in a fashion that suites the traditional franchise operation. SharePoint consultants are widely available, but as most will find, they are also expensive, and will run up a hefty tab before they are done. (and you will likely want to include updates over time, at cost)

Franchise Software in the cloud creates more opportunities for your chain

Franchise Software in the cloud creates more opportunities for your chain

That is why leading chains and start up franchising companies are waking up to the realization that they are better off, both in terms of efficiency and cost, by implementing a franchise software.

Based in the cloud and running from a standard browser, a franchise software solution can be deployed in as little as 2 weeks at a cost which is comparable to a cell phone plan for each store location.

What that gives these chains is a fully loaded franchise-driven experience that includes

  • Immediate Access to Operations Manuals (based on WorkMap Methodology)
  • Full connectivity to ERP system to pull KPIs and Sales Numbers to counter, smartphones
  • Ability to view, share and publish news across the franchise
  • Ability to implement central and local marketing programs
  • SMS/Text Message Marketing directly to consumers
  • Management of loyalty programs, including mailings and follow-ups
  • Preferred vendor information, sales contracts and discount agreements
SharePoint may prove difficult and expensive to maintain

SharePoint may prove difficult and expensive to maintain

None of these functionalities are available right of the bat if your franchise runs on a standard Microsoft SharePoint solution.

So the ultimate question is – why would you spend countless hours with expensive consultants to customize a SharePoint solution that doesn’t even give you half the flexibility of a cloud based franchise software?

What you need is a high powered Intranet fuelled by a franchise software based in the cloud.

My Norwegian client hit the nail right on the head: “We want to expand quicker than competition. In order to achieve that, we need to provide a customer experience which is consistent at each location, and where staff is always informed about nationwide promotions and offers. They need information at their fingertips – not having to drill down deep in simple libraries and folders.”

Thankfully, franchise software such as CCM by Chainformation is entirely role based making it easy for your staff to see the right information, at the right time. No over information. Just timely, relevant and critical know-how – delivered directly to the store.

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