What Everybody Ought To Know About Franchise Manuals

One of the most common problems when operating a franchise with multiple locations is keeping track of brand compliance and keeping franchise manuals updated. Ask any franchise owner and they will tell you nightmare stories how corporate identity and critical work procedures were being violated simply because they were unable to provide the chain with easy-to-read updates on time.

Are your Franchise Manuals collecting dust on a shelf?

The problem is directly associated with growth pain. As many franchise owners will testify, when the business expands, the workload increases exponentially. The back office becomes pressured to wear multiple hats, trying to support franchise locations with marketing support, franchise manual updates, identity guidelines and promotions. Keeping up is a no-win game, and more than often the franchise manual binder will be collecting dust at a shelf in the back where staff can’t find it – Obviously, not where it needs to be.

If brand compliance and franchise manuals are central to the success of a franchise, what is the solution to communicate the content more effectively?

Said one franchise owner: “I want a system that delivers know-how and secures brand compliance to all my stores,” while adding, “I can’t underestimate the problems with our franchise manual – nobody reads it, and it’s difficult to update.”

Many franchise networks are starting to see the value in implementing franchise software from companies like Chainformation. Over the past twelve years, Chainformation has provided franchise software for some of Europe’s most demanding franchise concepts and chain stores. They offer a one-stop system called CCM that delivers know-how, enables dialogue and speed of communication between head office and all stores, outlets and locations.

This enables the franchise to provide a digital franchise manual which made for easier reading, and may be updated and accessed in real time.

Improved communication with Franchise Software

What’s more, it gives each store location access to a high-powered Intranet that enables cross collaboration, sales reporting and user-specific access to vendors, and marketing design templates. For the franchise owner, it provides a one-stop franchise software solution to take control of the brand, the day-to-day operations and communication.

While franchise software such as CCM is ready to be used out of the box and can be up and running in 2-4 weeks, franchise networks often ask to customize the platform to exact specifications, providing a unique user experience.

Whether a franchise is operating with just a few stores or has multiple locations in several geographies, franchise software like CCM by Chainformation combines all franchise communication needs and digital franchise manuals in a one-stop system.

Today, franchise software from Chainformation enables nearly 500,000 logins every month from retail, chains and franchise outlets in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Germany, and Holland.

To learn more about franchise software, a full franchise case study about brand compliance and digital franchise manuals can be found here.

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